Testimonial for the Echo Ultrasound funded by the community and funds raised at the 2018 Dr. Kindree Golf Tournament.

“I was able to get my Echo Ultrasound done here at Squamish Hospital.  Previously I would have had to go to Lionsgate Hospital.  This is a huge bonus not to have to travel but to have it done here.  Thankyou Hospital Foundation to have had the foresight to fund this very much needed piece of equipment.  The stretcher for the Ultrasound, was  also I understand  funded (through a Grant) by the Squamish Hospital Foundation.  The Technician that did my Ultrasound was so very appreciative of this new stretcher and all its new technology and ease in positioning patients. It was also very comfortable. ”


Testimonials from staff at SGH for the Transport Ventilator funded by a grant through TB Vets in 2019:

“Thank you TB vets for supporting the purchase of a Hamilton T1 ventilator for Squamish General hospital.  We have needed this piece of equipment for many years.

This ventilator can provide ICU-level breathing support for critically ill and intubated patients.  This machine can also provide BiPap and high flow oxygen support to babies, children and adult patients who need extra help with breathing but are still able to breathe on their own.  Last year one of our physicians spent hours ventilating a newborn baby by hand while awaiting a critical care transfer team.   With our new ventilator any sick babies or adults will have access to breathing support and ventilation that can be life saving.  This is a top of the line piece of equipment that will be used to save lives in our hospital.  Thank you TB Vets for supporting rural hospitals in BC. ”

Dr Rua Read CCFP EM

Squamish General Hospital Emergency Department


“Hello All,

Really excited about this new ventilator!  It will be great to use for resuscitations in the ER and transport out of Squamish for higher level of care.

Thank you TB VETS and to those who applied for this funding.”


Danielle (Anaesthetist)


“This is wonderful and a much needed addition to our hospital. It allows us to continue to provide the very best care possible to patients in our community. We are most grateful.”

Jim Jamieson, Anaesthetist


Testimonial from Shawn Wentworth regarding a Squamish General Hospital visit in 2019: