DONOR DOLLARS AT WORK – Investments in Squamish’s Healthcare

Donors like you allow the Squamish Hospital Foundation to fund the purchase of essential medical equipment. Below is a list of items that your dollars have enabled us to purchase in recent years.

$136,432.00 towards new ultrasound machines.

The Squamish Hospital Foundation (including a generous $10,000.00 donation from the Squamish General Hospital Auxiliary) is excited to partner with Vancouver Coastal Health to enhance Ultrasound services offered at Squamish General Hospital. With the purchase of 2 new Ultrasound machines, these new machines will increase the types of diagnostic imaging that can be done locally in Squamish, from pre-natal ultrasounds to echo-cardiograms.  Thank you for the continued community support, please consider donating

$8,900.00 “ Bili Wand” Non Invasive Jaundice meter for newborns

$1,300.00 towards a breast pump for the maternity ward at SGH.

With the local population growing and so many births at Squamish General Hospital a NEW Medela double hospital grade breast pump has been put in place in the maternity ward at SGH thanks to the efforts and teamwork of the community. A BIG Thank You to Kimberly Daniels, CD(DONA) for realizing the need in the hospital and coordinating fundraising with the help of Vairdy Frail offering inspiration with photo mini sessions and using space donated by Rosanne Scarth at Norman Rudy’s .Thank you to Kim Lacombe at Squamish Savings for setting up a donation process and for the Squamish Hospital Foundation for contributing to the funds raised. This is a wonderful example of community members seeing a need and working together to make it happen.

Nurse Education- $4,000

The Squamish Hospital Foundation is pleased to fund and support 14 nurses to attend a palliative care course at Squamish General Hospital. THANK YOU to the nurses for all you do and how hard you work!

 $1,400.00 CPAP Machine

Equipment at Hilltop House- $10,000

Allowing for the safe transfer of residents from bed to chair and equipment for ensuring the highest level of comfort and protection from skin breakdown.

$145,000 to the Sea-to-Sky Community Hospice permanent facility.

Did you know that the Squamish Hospital Foundation contributed $145,000 to the Sea-to-Sky Community Hospice permanent facility.
All funds raised at the Dr. Kindree Memorial in 2017 were directed towards the capital costs of funding 4 new palliative care hospice beds at Hilltop House

Panda iRes Bedded Warmer and Baby Resuscitator -$32,300

The Panda iRes Bedded Warmer and baby resuscitator now has a new home at the Squamish General Hospital thanks to Royal Bank and our generous donors.

The Panda Warmer is designed to meet the needs of the labor and delivery department. Integrated resuscitation and SpO2 options support the latest resuscitation guidelines. Every baby can be weighed at birth on the machine and the integrated in-bed scale option simplifies the weighing procedure while keeping the baby warm in the process.

Simm Man $12,000

Guess what arrived today! Welcome to the Sea to Sky Community Simm Man!

The purchase of the Simm Man was kindly funded by the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation.

It is a patient simulator providing the opportunity for Sea to Sky healthcare professionals to practice techniques and procedures.
Simulation enables staff to deliver quality patient care with integrity, consistency and confidence. These benefits will be passed to the residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor during times of medical need.

BiPap machine $28,000

A BiPAP machine is a relatively small device that assists with a patient’s breathing. It is connected by flexible tubing to a face mask worn by the patient. The BiPAP machine helps push air and oxygen into the lungs and then helps to hold the lungs inflated, thereby allowing more oxygen to enter the lungs. BiPAP may be used to support breathing for a number of patient conditions including

  • Cardiac Failure
  • Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Pneumonia

V.A.C Machine-Specialized wound care-$25,000

V.A.C.® Therapy promotes wound healing through Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). By delivering negative pressure (a vacuum) at the wound site through a patented dressing, this helps draw wound edges together, remove infectious materials and actively promote granulation.

Additional items purchased this year include:

  • Portable Monitor for Community Health-$5,189
  • Portable lifts for Palliative Care & acute care-$12,000
  • Crib for medical/surgical – $5,189
  • Portable IV Monitor $5000

Items purchased in the last few years include:

  • ER Expansion – $620,000
  • $130,000 in financial support of the orthopedic enhancements
  • Ultrasound machine – $193,000
  • Fetal Monitor  – $33,800
  • ACL Injury prevention program – $3,000
  • Ceiling lifts  – $34,000
  • Breastfeeding chair for public health – $1,340
  • Pressure mattress pads for Hilltop House – $5, 135
  • Neo Blue Bili Lights phototherapy system for the maternity ward – $4,885
  • Table and chairs for palliative care lounge – $900
  • OR Drill – $11,130
  • 50% of defibrilator for RCMP – $1,107
  • Defender fall pads – $4,050
  • Mural for lock up doors at Hilltop House – $1,690
  • Alaris Syringe modules – $15,105
  • Cast saw – $3,600
  • Surgical Table – $38,915
  • Vital Signs Monitor – $ 3,655